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nancy breland on The HGTV Smart Home 2014 Virtu…
nancy breland on The HGTV Smart Home 2014 Virtu…
DJ on HGTV Smart Home 2014
minitoni2009 on HGTV Smart Home 2014
DJ on HGTV Smart Home 2014




The HGTV Smart Home 2014 Virtual Tours Are Live!

Hi the HGTV Smart Home 2014  Located in Nashville, Tennessee has more to see now!  They have posted a blog topic with links to the virtual tours, detailed photos, and videos of this gorgeous home.  Take a look here 

If the link doesn’t work and I don’t know that it will show up as a link as I’m new to this WordPress thing, cut and paste and follow the links to see it all!  It’s worth any time you can give it to see the details that are included in this wonderful home that you can enter to win starting April 15and continuing through June 9, 2014.

Check it out and leave comments on the blog about what you love about the house!  As an extra bit of fun, click on the “swag vote” link and vote up to 10 times a day for the items you prefer in each pair, but enter only once daily for a chance to win each group of items, and they are fabulous!

Good Luck with the “Swag Vote” (there are a few groups so pay attention daily)! Have fun looking around and enter daily once it’s time to enter to win the house.  And don’t forget to leave your nice comments about the home, furnishings and wonderful decorating and organization and planning that went into this creation by creating an Intense Debate account and logging in to leave comments.

Have fun!


HGTV Smart Home 2014

Lots afoot at the Smart Home! Expect at least a behind the build feature soon I would expect. It looks like I missed Load-In Day! But no details except there appears to be a nice Grill on the upper back deck! And there are “things” in the windows. Expect to hear something from Liz soon!

HGTV Smart Home 2014


There was nothing much going on today at the HGTV Smart Home in Nashville, TN at 11:55 AM but a roofing contractor ran in and came out on the phone and I might have been “Caught!I” LOL  I was out of my car but it was obvious it was my car and I was taking photos which I will upload to flickr in a bit.  Check out the new photos in an hour or so on Flickr here  Have fun!  but give me a bit to get today’s photos uploaded and edited!

I Love to Read

I highly recommend the series based on Alan Gregory, PhD by Stephen White.  The last in the series was just published last year and is Compound Fractures, the rest of the series is great. Please don’t start with the last three books, start with one of the earlier books like Privileged Information or at the latest Kill Me.  The series is great.  Start further back to get the back stories of all the characters and places.   It was great re-reading the series after the second to last book to get the back stories of all the characters fresh in mind.   This is a great link to his official website and there is a link there to his official facebook page.  Highly recommended reading.  I’ve enjoyed all the books over the years.  Just a joy for me to read.  Engaging and enthralling as well as exceptionally well-written and researched.  Stephen White knows his stuff, his area of the country, and his characters thoroughly.  You’ll fall in love with his storytelling.  Just give it a chance.  Start at the beginning, start with a few books later, doesn’t matter, eventually you’ll want to read them all.  Just don’t start with the last three!  And have a great ride along with all his other readers over the years just as I have.